Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! The letters FAQ stand for Frequently Asked Questions. A FAQ page are lists of common questions people have asked about a company or specific product/service. FAQ pages are excellent tools for reducing repetitive customer inquiries and free up time for customer service representatives to better address more specific, personalized cases. When deciding what questions to include in an FAQ, businesses should ideally look at any data from site searches or customer interactions and consider what information is most likely to remain constant over time.

What is social bookmarking?
Social bookmarking is a way of archiving data on a website. These bookmarks can include blogs, forum posts and more – all of which can be found again easily should you wish to revisit them. This process is different from traditional bookmarks as they are saved online as opposed to stored in your browser’s bookmark bar. Instead of saving social media posts to your browser bookmarks make sure you use a different platform’s specific feature intended for this purpose such as Storify or Scoop.it so that it is easier to discover these archived content items when later trying to find them.
How does social bookmarking work?
In social bookmarking sites, discussion threads are organized into specific rooms or topics and users can subscribe to follow the content that is most interesting to them. When subscriptions are chosen, a notification service can be engaged to send the author of that content an alert when there is activity on it as soon as new information appears. Links in social bookmarking sites are often the starting point for discussion and knowledge-sharing. This makes social sites excellent locations for finding industry research, earning citations and networking with influencers who can help spread your information through word-of-mouth marketing.
Why use social bookmarking?
With social bookmarking and social media marketing, businesses can find, save and share content such as articles, blog posts and videos. Helping you to keep up to date with the latest news in your industry is important if you want your business to succeed in this competitive landscape.
Is social bookmarking effective??
Proper social bookmarking on a regular schedule can greatly benefit your search engine optimization and help increase your sales by raising customer awareness. But it’s so much more than bookmark marking these days. People can actually find and share your content if they find it in the right places online. You already heard how important this is to firms who are trying to broaden their audience. The truth is that different social bookmark websites give you different user bases – some of them are national, while others are international, which means that depending on where you want your company to be seen, you will have to use the appropriate social book marking website in order to expose your company’s name across broader audiences.
How to do social bookmarking?
1. Select a social bookmarking site.

2. Upload your website’s link along with the links to your blog.

3. You can also use this site to bookmark pages you’d like on social media sites. 

4. Connect the links you’ve saved to your Facebook page too so others will have easier access to them!

What are the benefits of doing social bookmarking?
Social bookmarking sites can help a web presence grow by functioning as an database of resources. People can earn backlinks through other relevant content and interact with potential collaborators or influencers. Benefits include:

  1. Ability to find relevant curated content that allows you build authority on social pages and your blog.
  2. Access to high domain authority backlinks for your website to boost your presence on the SERPs.
  3. Interactions with potential collaborators and influencers to grow your on-line success


Why using FAQ pages:

Having an FAQ section on your website gives you greater control over the experience and satisfaction of your visitors. This part of your site should be visible and accessible to all visitors so as to allow them to explore the rest of your page without needing too much effort.

A great FAQ page is one that’s easy for users but has a more sales and lead focused approach (like a mini landing-page). The most visited websites across the globe have around ten frequently asked questions plus additional headings like Contact Us or About Us.