Apple iPhone SE 2022 review in 5 points: Some things great, some things same

Mar 28, 2022

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The Apple iPhone SE 2022 aka iPhone SE 3 is now available in India. Over here at the India Today Tech, we reviewed the iPhone SE 2022 in detail a few days ago. Overall, we found that the new iPhone SE meets expectations. It has some new features, but in terms of functionality, it is not a major step up from the old iPhone SE 2020.

That iPhone SE 2022 review is some 1900 words, so you may not have time to go through the entire thing. But in case you are looking to buy the new iPhone SE and hope to get a quick idea about the phone, read on. Here we concise the phone’s review in 5 points.

Point 1

The new iPhone SE uses the same old design that we have seen on the iPhone 8 as well as the iPhone SE 2020. This means many users will find it familiar. The design has its positive aspects. It makes the new SE small, slim, sleek, and extremely light at 144 grams. It also means that the iPhone SE continues to use the Touch ID (good in these times when we all wear masks) and a small 4.7-inch screen, which is not that good because in 2022 we are used to the immersive experience of bigger screens. Although, apart from the size of the screen, there is nothing wrong with the display. It has a vibrant display with support for True Tone — I am a fan of warmer colours — and it has good enough brightness to deal with the blazing sun.

The iPhone SE 2022 is splash and waterproof with an IP68 rating. It also uses the same tough glass that Apple is using on the more expensive iPhone 13 series phones. I like the design of the new iPhone SE even if it is old, but I also find that the screen size is just too small to make the phone truly enjoyable to use, particularly while watching videos.

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