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Ziad K Abdelnour is a Wall Street Financier, Author, Philanthropist, Activist, Lobbyist, Oil & Gas Trader & President & CEO of Blackhawk Partners, Inc.
Facial Recognition is becoming a growing trend in IT Solutions, for everything from Social Media to cybersecurity solutions to mobile authentication.
Low Code No Code application development is the new wave in software application development, IT Solutions, and delivery providing a fast approach.
The Low Code Revolution Part 2 reviews the various reasons to use a No Code Low Code development and examines what to look for in software development platforms.
Maintaining a password is tops in good cyber security practices. Changing passwords, and make longer cyber safe passwords can keep your data safe.
Social media is THE place to share all the things that are going on in your life. These platforms can also pose a problem for your cyber & personal safety.
Two Factor Authentication (often abbreviated to 2FA) adds that extra layer of protection to your online presence.
The PUPs we are referring to aren’t cute and are potentially dangerous. PUP stands for Potentially Unwanted Program & could be a threat to your cybersecurity.
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